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IFRS 16 Excel Templete

Course Description

I'm bursting with excitement to share something special with all of you – my very own automated Excel template for IFRS 16 accounting.

You know those moments when you're knee-deep in spreadsheets, trying to make sense of all the numbers? Well, those days are officially over Thanks to this magical template, crunching numbers and navigating IFRS 16 compliance is now a breeze.

I can't wait for you to experience that WOW moment when you see how effortlessly this template handles all the heavy lifting. It's like having a supercharged assistant right at your fingertips.

Let's spread the love and empower each other to excel in our financial endeavour. Feel free to grab the template and share it with your friends and colleagues. Together, we can revolutionize the way we approach accounting.

This Course Fee:

Free For limited time ₹5032.00

Course includes:
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